9/28/2017 – Appeared in feature profile in The London Independent

Mr. Wigdor appeared in a feature profile in The Independent (a London-based digital news publication) titled, Meet the Trump-supporting attorney who could take down Fox News. Mr. Wigdor represented over 20 current and/or former Fox News employees in various claims of sexual harassment, racial discrimination, and defamation against the network.

The article named Wigdor LLP as “a high-powered employment law firm known for taking on some of the biggest companies in the US.”

“In litigation, Mr. Wigdor can be blistering. He has taken to calling 21st Century Fox ’18th Century Fox’ and accusing them of ‘plantation style management’ in official statements,” writes Emily Shugerman of The Independent. “With an almost surgical removal, Mr. Wigdor explained how he separates his work from his politics: As an attorney, his job is to prosecute unlawful acts – regardless of who committed them.”