“One of the most telegenic anti-discrimination lawyers.”

—Profile of Douglas H. Wigdor in Bloomberg Businessweek

“He just will not be intimidated.”

—Former Chief Financial Officer at Publicly Traded Company

According to a survey of in-house lawyers, Mr. Wigdor is one of the nation’s most feared lawyers.

“One of New York City’s most aggressive employment lawyers.”

—Profile of Douglas H. Wigdor in The New York Times

“It’s much better to have him on our side than risk sitting across from him.”

—Former U.S. Senator

“Doug will attack from the press. But you get him in the courtroom, and he’ll attack you there as well.”

—Managing Partner at Major NYC Law Firm

“In litigation, Mr. Wigdor can be blistering.”

—Profile of Douglas H. Wigdor in The London Independent

“Mr. Wigdor is a winner.”

—U.S. District Court Judge