4/28/2016 – Filed age, race and gender discrimination lawsuit against The New York Times

Mr. Wigdor represented the plaintiffs in a class action against The New York Times Company, its president and CEO Mark Thomson, and Executive Vice President and Chief Revenue Office Meredith Levien for fostering “an environment rife with discrimination based on age, race and gender” The Complaint alleged that two employees working in the Times’s Advertising division, who were both black women in their 60s, suffered various forms of discriminatory conduct by Times management, including being “denied the opportunities to earn as much as [their] younger white peers because of [their] age, race and/or gender.” The Complaint also alleged that Plaintiffs experienced older employees of color being “pushed out through buyouts, or outright terminated,” with vacancies “rapidly filled by younger, white individuals.” Other discriminatory actions presented by Plaintiffs, who were part of an agenda by Times executives to replace even high-performing and experienced older and minority employees with so-called “fresh faces,” include discriminatory denial of promotions, gaps in level of compensation between younger white employees and their older minority counterparts, and inequality regarding perquisites and other advantages in attracting advertising customers.