Testified before UK Parliament regarding issues at Fox News

On November 20, 2017, Mr. Wigdor spoke at a panel discussion held at the British Parliament to inform lawmakers about corporate governance failures at 21st Century Fox—and their potential impact on broadcasting standards at Fox News amid its proposed $15.4 billion takeover of Sky Plc.

During the public meeting led by former Labour leader Ed Miliband, Mr. Wigdor responded to questions from Parliament about 21st Century Fox, along with Kelly Wright, a Fox News anchor who is involved in a lawsuit alleging systemic racial discrimination against the network, and Jessica Golloher, a former Fox News Radio correspondent who claims Fox discriminated against her on the basis of her gender in a separate lawsuit against 21st Century Fox.

Mr. Miliband, a vocal opponent of the Fox-Sky deal, said during the meeting that “a drive for commercial success overwhelms a commitment to decent, ethical standards” at Fox News. “Our contention is that Rupert Murdoch uses his media outlets to pursue a particular political point of view,” according to Mr. Miliband.

Mr. Wigdor also spoke before the U.K. Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) on Monday. The CMA is currently evaluating the proposed Fox-Sky deal with respect to its effect on media plurality in the U.K. and the company’s commitment to broadcasting standards. Mr. Wigdor represented over 20 current and/or former employees at Fox News in a various lawsuits against the network, including claims of sexual harassment, racial discrimination, retaliation and defamation, among others.

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