Filed breach of contract lawsuit against MLB Advanced Media

Mr. Wigdor represented former MLB Advanced Media, L.P. (“BAM”) executive John Dinn Mann in a breach of contract lawsuit against BAM and BAMTECH, LLC (“BAMTech”).  Mr. Mann, the former Executive Vice President of Content at BAM, spent over 17 years transforming the media arm of Major League Baseball into a multi-billion dollar powerhouse.  He alleges that he was granted 2% equity in BAM’s “non-baseball business” (now d/b/a BAMTech) during a June 2006 board meeting.

As alleged, despite the fact that Mr. Mann is a 2% owner of BAMTech, he received no compensation when Disney recently paid approximately $2.6 billion to purchase 75% of BAMTech.  According to the Complaint, Mr. Mann was fired without cause at the end of 2017 and that both BAM and BAMTech have since advised Mr. Mann, without any coherent explanation, that he is not actually an equity owner of BAMTech.

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